Remington IPL3500 Permanent Hair Removal- Ditch The Razor!

Fillers, razors, exorbitant laser treatments, ice massages to facial acupuncture, the luxury beauty market segment has ventured out into the unknown since time immemorial. But the latest fad is all about one thing and that is permanent hair removal (no, it’s not Kylie lip fillers!). Welcome to the world of hair removal that not only lasts your weekend getaway but one that lasts for life! Introducing Remington iLight Essential IPL, an effective at-home hair removal that is a compact, easy-to-use device that brings hair-free, care-free to life! Remington is the worldwide leader in personal care providing skin and hair grooming solutions with world-class products and groundbreaking technology. Headquartered in Middleton, WI, Remington’s products reach across the globe and are sold at premier stores like Debenhams, Boots; rated #1 Women’s Electric Shaver brand in North America, Remington is the future of hair removal!.

What is the rage all about?

Intense Pulsated Light- Explained:

Intense Pulsated Light is one of the most effective, practically pain-free and easy to use, at-home form of permanent hair removal that applies broad-spectrum light to the skin that in turn targets the melanin in the skin. Once the device is in contact with the skin, it sends out light that travels through the skin until it strikes the hair shafts, i.e. the root of the hair. As the light gets absorbed in the skin, the hair papilla (simply put- the hair manufacturing factory unit) gets destroyed due to the heat applied. Since the root, bulb is where the highest concentration of melanin is located, as it gets destroyed, you will be hair-free from the root up! Ever wondered why IPL hair removal can be a needy girlfriend sometimes? Demanding time and undivided attention through the course of your treatment time? THIS is why At any given point of time during treatment, not all of your hair follicles are active, light does not reach the inactive hair follicles, making hair grow back. Since IPL only targets the active hair follicles, one has to wait for an inactive hair follicle to become active, hence the number of treatments stretch to over the course of few weeks, making it effective only if one follows the treatment protocol.

Remington iLight Essential is one product on the market that is affordable, lightweight, effective and swift, packaged ergonomically in one small, wondrous product! Think beach days without having to worry about your bikini line ever again, think living life sans the weekly visits to your bathroom to discover the stubble has grown back, think above and beyond the weekly touch-up routines! IPL Hair Removal has jumped on the trend bandwagon and how!

Let’s dive into the features of Remington’s Intense Pulsated Light (or home pulsed light) iLight Essential!

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Skin Tone: iLight Essential has an automatic skin tone sensor that detects if the device is suitable for your skin tone. The at-home IPL device is suitable for skin tones 1 – 5 if used in the given suitable energy settings:

  • Skin Tone 1- Energy setting 1-5 (Lightest colour on the colour spectrum)
  • Skin Tone 2- Energy setting 1-5
  • Skin Tone 3- Energy setting 1-4
  • Skin Tone 4- Energy setting 1-3
  • Skin Tone 5- Energy setting 1-2

(Note: It is not applicable for skin tone 6)

Hair Colour: The device does NOT work on hair colours that are:

  • Naturally white
  • Blonde
  • Gray
  • Red

Advanced Triggerless Technology: Remington’s IPL advanced triggerless design delivers 3x faster flashes (as compared to the previous model) for treatments that are quick, easy and tailormade for that goddess like glow! iLight comes equipped with HPL technology that enables the use of low energy levels for safe and sound at-home usage. (get a safety spectacles when you place your order with us for added safety!)

No Replacement Cartridge: Cartridge that is as permanent as your hair removal- forever! With iLight essential, you get a lifetime of treatments, it provides 5 years of full body treatments with a whooping 3,50,000 flashes so that you never have to worry about a replacement cartridge. Now who said salon laser hair removal is better than at-home IPL?

FDA Cleared: What’s more? The IPL hair removal is FDA cleared and clinically proven to get rid of unwanted hair on the face as well as body for women so that you never have to worry about the results or be concerned about safety, let the results do the talking!.

Treatment Areas : iLight Essential is clinically proven to permanently get rid of unwanted hair on the face and body –

  • Underarms
  • Bikini line
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Face (below the cheekbones)

How permanent is permanent?

Treatment time, explained: Move over empty claims and hefty salon bills! Check out the treatment time guide for Remington’s super HPL technology that takes away the hair without burning a hole in your pocket! The efficiency of your treatment with IPL will be determined by how well you follow through the whole treatment process; a typical full hair cycle may take 18-24 months, during which multiple treatments will be required to completely eradicate any traces of hair!

iLight Essential treatment times:

  • Treatments 1-4: Plan two weeks apart
  • Treatments 5-7: Plan four weeks apart
  • Treatments 8+: Treat as needed, until desired results are achieved.

Procedure: Get ready for flawless, radiant skin that demands attention, with procedure that is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1. Pre-treatment basics-

  • Prepare for skin for the wonderful journey ahead with removing all jewellery prior to usage.
  • Check if your skin tone lies in the specific range with the automatic skin tone sensor.
  • Start with the lowest energy setting (1) and gradually increase once your body gets equipped to the device.

2. Patch test- Do a patch test on your skin to understand how your skin reacts to the treatment. Press the control button on your device and the level 1 energy indicator light will go on. Place the treatment window in full contact with your skin, a gentle pulsing sound will come ad you might feel a tingling sensation. Leave it unattended for 24 hours, if you do not experience any abnormal discomfort, continue with the treatment. (Pro tip: Do a patch test on each part of your skin that you wish to treat for maximum safety).

3. Start the treatment-

  • Prior to treatment, skin should be free of shaved, clean and dry, free of any cosmetics (do not tweeze, wax or pluck your skin, it is highly recommended to shave prior to usage.)
  • Press the control button and wait for the ready light to turn on, level 1 energy level will turn on and the fan ill start.
  • Approximately one second after pressing the control button, your device will be ready for use in the lowest energy setting.
  • Once you are comfortable with the first energy setting, you can increase it to a higher one. Press the control button repeatedly to set your device to the desired energy setting.
  • Select a mode of treatment- either gliding or pulsing and place the treatment window in full contact with the skin, making sure it is spread evenly and smoothly. The device will automatically go on and the ready light will start blinking slowly.
  • The device will first determine your skin tone, you will feel a slight warm, tingling sensation and a pop sound, which is absolutely normal.
  • You can start treatment either by gliding or pulsing and continue to simply glide or repeat the pulsing process until you have covered the entire area.

4 Post treatment- For renewed battery life, take good care of your device post-use:

  • Press and hold the control button and turn the device off and remove the adapter from the power outlet. (Pro top: Remember the energy setting that you used as the device will automatically restart with the lowest energy setting.)
  • It is important to clean your device post each use, simply wipe it with a clean, dry cloth. Never use acetone or other abrasive fluids for cleaning your device.
  • After cleaning, store the device in its original box till next usage for maximum shelf life.

Take Away: Remington’s Intense Pulsated Light / Home Pulsed Light is safe for at-home use, is clinically proven to get rid of that pesky stubble that keeps finding its way to your body, can permanently remove any hair from the face & bikini line, making it a product worth trying! Try it out
for the smooth legs, smooth process and overall ratings in terms of the reasonable price range, a world renowned brand name and some rave reviews to go with it!