COVID-19 is Changing the World of Beauty

The outbreak of coronavirus and countrywide lockdowns have made getting our professional beauty treatments a challenge. Salons have been sadly forced to close, vulnerable people cannot venture to their nearest beauticians safely, and even those who can may feel unsafe to do so. Is a trip to the salon worth the risk?

While many women may answer yes, there is a better solution emerging: premium home beauty products that produce salon results from the safety of your own home. The outbreak of coronavirus has seen sales in these online products soar, and now fewer people are reliant on professionals to carry out their beauty treatments.

Many people may be inclined to pick up a bottle of nail polish or pluck their eyebrows themselves, yet most women are unaware then even more complex procedures can now be done at home. These include treatments such as hair removal, facial microdermabrasion, and age-defying laser treatments.

In fact, these home beauty products are leading the way to the future of beauty.

Hair Removal

Home hair removal is becoming hugely popular, with laser hair removal and IPL technologies now being available from home. These hair removal devices provide long-lasting results and use the same technologies as professional dermatologists, so why bother making multiple trips to the salon and paying more when you can carry out this treatment by yourself at home?

The best laser hair removal product on the market is the Tria Hair Removal 4x. If you are after a home IPL treatment, try the Philips Lumea BRI956 or the Braun PL5124 for everlasting salon smooth results.

Facial Treatments

A range of at-home facial treatments are also emerging, which can bring techniques such as microdermabrasion to revitalise skin and diminish wrinkles and acne scars out of the salon and into your home. There are also home beauty devices that offer blue light technologies for treating acne too, such as Tria Positively Clear.

If you’re looking for an at-home facial, this too is possible thanks to Rio’s range of facial toners, such as the Rio Lift Plus 60 Second Face Lift. These new technologies are transforming the world of beauty, and sculpting the future of the industry.

Ensure you look your best despite salon closures and social distancing, and see if you can replace your salon visits with premium home products, saving you time, keeping you safe, and costing you less in the long run.